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Apologies for falling behind on some work--a cooking marathon this past weekend pretty much took up most of my time and energy (but I at least had the chance to make meatloaf).  Since no one has gotten sick from my cooking--not yet, anyway--it looks like it was worth it.  But some things had to be put aside, so Sneak, Tiffany is almost done, but she'll have to be posted early this week.  One cannot split time between working on a computer and working over a hot stove and oven! :)

Christopher Nolan's new film Interstellar is set to open this week; it's a return to science fiction from Nolan.  The film follows a group of astronauts as they make one truly giant leap for all mankind--they travel through a stable wormhole to find a suitable planet for humanity to migrate to, since Earth is dying.  The most recent trailer and a featurette on the film are here:……

Back in 1984--thirty years before Interstellar--a manga in Japan also explored mankind's giant leap into space and its effects on humanity.

That manga was Yukinobu Hoshino's 2001 Nights.   Beginning in June of 1984 and running until June of 1986 in the comic magazine Monthly Super Action, 2001 Nights  presents a series of stories all linked by humanity's drive into deep space, beyond Earth....and certainly far, far beyond Earth.

For me, 2001 Nights is the best science fiction comic I've read.  Of course, if someone dropped a copy of Moebius's The Airtight Garage in my lap, I may change my mind.  But for now, Hoshino's series is number one.  Drawing from Western and Eastern sources--the SF stories of Arthur C. Clarke (2001: A Space Odyssey, Rendezvous with Rama) and James P. Hogan (Inherit the Stars, Code of the Lifemaker) in particular--Hoshino crafted stories that could stand shoulder to shoulder with the best of written SF.  In what has to be a strange twist of fate, Hoshino has also adapted three novels by Hogan--Inherit the Stars, the cerebral but action-packed The Two Faces of Tomorrow, and Thrice Upon a Time.  There are several homages to the film 2001 present as well. 

Hoshino backs up keen writing with incredible artwork. Some examples:……………

Someone once remarked that they found Hoshino's work "old".  I don't know whether to give them new glasses or unscrew their heads against the threads.

Some of the stories are truly remarkable--one story in particular follows a character that is trying to figure out "Who am I?"  "What is my purpose?".  The character turns out to be a planet.  Yet the best story has to be "Lucifer Rising", which follows a Vatican priest (who is also an astronomer) as he joins an international crew that is investigating the mysterious planet Lucifer, which lies right outside our solar system.  But Lucifer has dark secrets that tests the priest's reason and faith...and there's also a killer aboard the spaceship.  "Lucifer Rising" navigates the battle of science and faith without resorting to heavy-handed nonsense; at a time when this battle is occurring again--a squabble between two camps of fundamentalists, according to a real Vatican priest/astronomer--this story still packs a punch.

In fact, 2001 Nights still maintains its power even after 30 years.  Hoshino also never forgets the spiritual side of things--as we move further out into space, how will that affect us in terms of mind, body and soul?

Think of 2001 Nights as a complement to Interstellar (just mind the 30 year gap).  The entire manga was translated into English years ago, but one can still find it at a good price.  An animated adaptation of the manga was released in 1987:…

And two stories were recently adapted as part of the CGI feature TO:…

Hoshino also released 2001+5,  a collection of stories that were originally slated for 2001 Nights but were not included.  It hasn't been officially translated into English, but you can find a scanlation out there.

Don't be put off by the age of 2001 Nights.  As a work of science fiction, it should stand among the greats.  That most SF fans haven't heard of it is a shame, but not a surprise.

Interstellar opens on November 7, 2014.  I'll definitely try to see it--after I've re-read a few issues of 2001 Nights.

"I sell my soul, but at the highest rates."
    --Harlan Ellison
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Right now though, the doctor recommended rest. :)

I should be able start on Johann this weekend; I should be back to normal by then.
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Hey Sneak,

Yikes!  Yeah, apologies--had to work on jobs for two clients, and I'm prepping for Thanksgiving...but nope, haven't forgotten about Johann (the spectral and the prayer pics) and further Tiffany pics.  I should be able to start on something after the holidays and Black Friday.

Have a great Thanksgiving!
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You have a Happy Thanksgiving as well.
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